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Friday and Saturday happy hour receptions






Who’s slide is it Anyway?

Saturday evening (after happy hour reception)

The What:

“Whose Slide Is It Anyway?” is an unholy union of improv comedy, hacking and slide deck sado-masochism.

The How:

Our team of slide monkeys will create a stupid amount of short slide decks on whatever nonsense tickles our fancies. Slides are not exclusive to technology, they can and will be about anything. Contestants will take the stage and choose a random number corresponding to a specific slide deck. They will then improvise a minimum 5 minute / maximum 10 minute lightning talk, becoming instant subject matter experts on whatever topic/stream of consciousness appears on the screen.

The Why:

Whether you delight in the chaos of watching your fellow hackers squirm or would like to sacrifice yourself to the Contest Gods, it’s a night of schadenfreude for the whole family. Sign ups will be the day of the contest so get there early!