Our Mission

The mission of WOPR Summit is to provide an open, collaborative, and hands-on learning environment and to facilitate sharing of technical knowledge about hardware, software and wireless technologies. We believe in the process; build, break, fix, and learn.



WOPR Summit is an immersive hacking conference focused on hardware, software, and wireless technologies. Attendees have the option to participate in hands-on learning experiences through workshops and contests. Knowledge will also be shared through talks and birds of a feather, and demo sessions.

We view hacking as an art form. Anyone who can bend or manipulate the apparent rules of a system in order to make that system do what they want it to do, whether intentionally designed that way or not, is a hacker.

One goal of WOPR Summit is to increase the technical skills of our community and, in doing so, make the world a better and safer place. By focusing on building and breaking both hardware and software we hope to bring together the maker, developer, and hacker communities. Anyone interested in building and breaking hardware and software and who enjoys being around a community of like-minded people should attend.

WOPR Summit is a volunteer run conference and is supported by the generous donations from public and private organizations and individuals.