WOPR Summit

WOPR Summit 0x01

October 20-21 @ Temple University, Mazur Hall, Philadelphia

Our full schedule is available on the Talks page.

Howdy folks,

Firstly an apology. It's been a long hot minute since we've said anything. There's been a lot of changes from many aspects, but we feel the dust has settled. So brass tacks, let's cut through the sugar and get to what's going on.

  1. We are actively working on planning an event this fall.
    1. Dates: October 20-21, 2022
    2. Location: Temple University, Mazur Hall, Philadelphia!
    3. Status: Yes, there will be talks.
      Yes, there will be hands-on electronics (soldering, 3D printing).
      Still working out the hands-on details.
    4. The current venue requires us to make the event free for all to attend.
      What does this mean about your already-purchased tickets?
      We're thinking the following: a ticket turns into a donation which gets you a badge and swag, otherwise we'll refund your ticket price.
      Refund deadline: 21 August 2022
  2. Not for Profit Status:
    We temporarily lost it due to a lapse in administrative functions. We're actively working on fixing that now.
  3. New Engagement Opportunities
    1. We are looking to publish a quarterly zine! Have something you want to say? Please jump into our Discord so we can work with you and your rough draft!
    2. Streams/Hangouts in the chat: Satanklawz is going to start moving his weekly Twitch stream to the hangout. Let's all chat, do some workshops, and help each other through our challenges. We'll be meeting ad-hoc on Thursday nights, 2100 ET.
  4. New leadership / Reorganization
    1. We want to deeply thank Mr. Potato Head for their support, heart, love and energy. You will always be family to us.
    2. We've restructured the board and executive committee for the event.
      Chairperson: satanklawz
      Vice Chairperson: Tango
      Secretaries: damikey / trashp4ndasec
      Treasurer: clayball
      President: TallWireless
      Secretaries: satanklawz / Tango
      Treasurer: damikey
    3. This reorganization has allowed us to diversify our experience and load balance. We are all looking forward to making this a success.